The Greatest Singer Of All Time! Lance Bass Net Worth, Relationship, And Childhood

When it comes to the world of music and entertainment, there is often a general belief that such artists will only remain restricted to these industries and their own arts only.

But, as Lance Bass and some other significant personalities show, that is not always the case for all artists. There is an updation in Lance Bass net worth.

Lance is a worldwide famous musician who runs his band and has experience as one of the best movie producers and actors.

One Of The Greatest Singer Of All Time!

He is also famous for another feat rarely seen among artists working in this field. He is a certified NASA astronaut and has experience working under NASA as much as he has produced songs.

He has received several awards while working under NASA and managed to create a name for himself in NASA itself.

One Of The Greatest Singer Of All Time!

As a result of his legendary feats, Lance is often termed as an ‘Over-achiever star, who has already managed to live the best life in all fields at the age of forty-three. According to several reports, he is also a certified author who has managed to publish several books of his own.

Another interesting fact related to the life of Lance Bass is that during his early student years, he was not interested much in music or choosing music as a career option; instead, he wanted to become a renowned astronaut.

This is quite clear from his actions during his early years of life. Most of the steps he took as a student was directed toward his desire to get into NASA and other top space organizations in the country.

But, his fate changed when he, for the first time, spoke with one of the principal singers of all time, Justin Timberlake. It was reported that, soon after this call, he was appointed as a member of the NSYNC band and got into the life of a singer.

Even after all these sudden life changes, he never deviated from his desire and dream to become a renowned astronaut.

He is a significant source of inspiration among many young people who aspire to become famous and successful in life.

Lance Bass Net Worth

Lance Bass currently has a total net worth of about twenty million dollars. Most of his capital is from his time in the music industry and his famous worldwide shows, for which he receives more than a hundred thousand dollars.

He had also gotten much of his capital in Russia, as one of their trained cosmonauts sent for space missions.

As a result of his feats in space, he is widely recognized as an ‘over-achiever’ star who managed to leave a fine imprint of himself and make a name in every field he has gotten into during his life.

He also published his autobiography back in the year 2007, which was named’ Out Of Sync.’

How Was The Childhood Of Lance Bass?

Lance came into this world back in the March of 1979 in his hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. From the very beginning, he was raised in quite a conservative environment. 

Both of his parents were conservative Christian, and he, among with his sister, was sent to a Christian school to complete his early education.

As per the information he provided during his interviews, his father, James Bass, used to work as a medical technologist while his mother, Diane Bass, was a teacher in a nearby middle school.

He was obsessed with space and aspired to work under NASA and other organizations one day to become a successful astronaut.

Interestingly, he had begun singing during his childhood at their local church. At the church, he used to sing in the choir and once participated in his school’s singing competition, where he won.

He would later become a renowned high school music group member, participate in several state music competitions, and win.

How did Lance Bass Become Famous?

During high school, he connected with the famous singer Justin Timberlake. As a result, he got into the life of a singer with his first membership in the pop group NSYNC.’

From the very beginning, Bass managed as a dancer and singer. Still, later on, he would surpass some of the greatest names in music history due to his dedication to his career as a singer.

The band had signed several contracts during their time, the most significant of which was that done with the RCA back in 1997. They had managed to release some of the greatest singers of all time, including ‘I Want You Back.’

They had also released an album named ‘No Strings Attached in the year 2000, which had managed to become one of the fastest selling records of all time with more than a million-copy, copies sold on the very first day.

Lance Bass Relationship

As per the information from his statement given on 26th of July 2006 in the famous magazine ‘People,’ it is confirmed that he is gay.

He used to date women during the early years of his career as a singer but later started to date men. Soon, he met a famous actor and artist named Michael Turchin, with whom he fell in love.

The Duo started to get into a serious relationship and finally decided to tie the knot back in December 2014.

The couple had also wanted to be parents and had turned to surrogacy to have their children. Still, so far, they have faced nine miscarriages.

What Are The Awards Won By Lance Bass?

Some of the awards won by Lance include,

1. National Youth Spokesperson for World Space Week.[2003-2005]

2. Human Rights Award for Campaign Visibility.[2006]

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