NFL Star Demaryius Thomas’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Demaryius Thomas – His parents recently revealed the reason for the death of the former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver on social media.

Demaryius was one of the most talented football players ever to have his CTE condition officially recognized. Thomas died in December at the age of 33 after he was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

NFL Star Demaryius Thomas’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Unresponsive in the shower, Thomas was discovered in December 2021. It’s finally been revealed what exactly killed him.

NFL Star Demaryius Thomas's Cause Of Death Revealed

Parents Bobby Thomas and Katina Stuckey Smith recently revealed that Demaryius had been diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and was in the final stages of Stage 2. They even went so far as to admit that the athlete had a separate seizure issue prior to his death.

After giving Thomas their brain to study, his parents stepped forward to help unravel the mystifying cause of his death. It was revealed in a recent interview that his death was triggered by another seizure disorder that eventually led to an unanticipated heart arrest.

In Bobby Thomas’s words, “Cardiac arrest was the cause they gave, and it was what happened to him. ” Before he died, my kid went through a lot of pain.

Demaryius Thomas’s Cause Of Death

The first case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain illness, was discovered in the former NFL player’s brains. About two decades ago, he first heard about his role in a play.

Dr. Ann McKee, the world-renowned CTE Center neurologist at Boston University, said that she has detected this illness in approximately 700 players who have died.

‘I identified it in the majority of sport-associated persons, from amateurs to pros, with strikes on the head’, she continued.

This medical problem had previously been discovered in younger athletes, according to the director of Boston University’s Neuropathology Core. In Thomas’ brain, they found the exact same thing.

His many lesions in the temporal and frontal lobes, as well as in the deeper regions of his brain, led to a diagnosis of stage two CTE. Mood swings, changes in behavior, and other symptoms are frequent in this uncommon condition that is most commonly found among sportsmen.

After Thomas’ death, his parents reported that they noticed most of the signs. Mood swings were becoming more common for Katina’s son, and he was spending a lot of time alone.

Retired from the NFL in 2021, the player’s parents claimed that Thomas began experiencing seizures. Over the course of more than a decade, he was a member of the league.

Although it’s been more than a year since their son’s death, his parents still recall the hardships he endured during that time. Ten years in the league had left the player’s physique ravaged with physical injuries, they were certain. “Our son was suddenly facing a much deeper agony that he can’t afford,” they even said.

The player, according to Thomas’ mother, was not allowing them to tell anyone about what was going on with her son. As a result, they remained silent until this point concerning the cause of their son’s death.

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