Why Rihanna ‘Cherishes’ A$AP Rocky? Parenthood Is Bringing Back The Love In Rihanna And As$p Rocky

Robbyn Rihanna Fenty and Rakim Athelaston Mayers together welcomed their firstborn on Friday, May 13. The Barbarian singer and the American rapper are now reported to be closer than ever before. The 34-year-old actress is building a powerful and healthy relationship with her boyfriend these days.

Parenthood Is Bringing Back The Love In Rihanna And As$p Rocky!

The couple was rumored to be in a break till an insider outsourced the authentic information of how corroborating the pair is for each other in the current situation. The birth of their son has marked a tremendous change in the love between both singers.


The insider also stated that the businesswoman is spending quality time with her love, AS$P Rocky, and the pair is getting even closer and falling in love over and over again. 

The record producer is molding himself into a better person for his family after the newcomer hit their lives with plenty of delight. 

Rocky is always seen to be playful with the children and hence the pregnant Rihanna was already sure that he would get along with the baby as soon as she delivers him. Not only having the fun time alone, but the responsible father also changes the baby’s diapers at times too.

One of the sources stated that Rihanna has mentioned the enormous support approach from the side of the new Father. She says that her postpartum life would have been different without the backing of the rapper and she is reported to be affectionate to Rocky just by eyeing him taking care of their baby. 

The Diamonds singer is planning to keep the baby away from the paparazzi as much as possible. The couple is taking things slowly when it comes to their infant. An insider commented that the new parents were planning to get their family and friends under the same roof for the celebration of Father’s Day but, still, they are not confident enough in letting the public eye fall over their only child. They have been laying low not because their baby is pretty small but because their parenthood is not allowing them to risk him with the public.

The renowned Fashion designer started to date her current love of life, AS$P in 2020. The cute couple has been friends with each other for a long time and decided to grow their relationship further by making a move ahead.

The thrilling pregnancy news was revealed in a unique sense in January 2021 through a striking photoshoot of the couple wearing casual wear. Rihanna reinvests in her pregnancy and stuns in the pictures wearing a whole pink cardigan paired with blue ripped jeans along with her boyfriend who is wearing a denim jacket and black pants that are styled with a dark cap.

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