Rihanna Stays Off Jet-Skiing While Heavily Pregnant!! What Is The Exact Matter?

When it comes to giving surprises, none can be better than Rihanna and Rocky. These guys are a couple of goals. They are leaving no stone unturned to spend the best times of their lives before welcoming their baby. It was recently when the couple posted on Instagram the latest video in which they were witnessed undertaking jet-skiing despite being heavily pregnant.

Rihanna Stays Off Jet-Skiing While Heavily Pregnant!! Netizens Have Bombarded Her With Messages

It was months before that Rihanna took to Instagram to update them about her latest pregnancy. But ever since, she has never remained off-camera. In such a situation, it becomes important to understand the intention behind the same. 

Rihanna Stays Off Jet-Skiing While Heavily Pregnant, Rihanna and rockey

Ever since the news of the pregnancy was broken, the couple has been trying to enjoy every moment of their lives. They have not captured themselves at home. They are trying to enjoy themselves to the greatest possible extent. This is truly inspirational in the first place. 

Rihanna and Rocky Relishing the good times together 

After fulfilling all the work-related commitments, the couple recently undertook a vacation to Barbados. They are trying to relish the good times in their lives.

They are also trying to develop a better ambiance for themselves to enjoy in the first place. They have also added a tinge of adventure to their lives. In the recent video uploaded by her husband Rocky, Rihanna was observed enjoying her jet skiing. 


While this way of enjoying life sets new targets for other people to achieve, this is a matter of serious concern. It is because that Rihanna is eight months pregnant now. The baby can pop out of her at any point in time.

Undertaking such strenuous activities now can be a bit risky. The doctors have advised her to be cautious, at least for the last month. But it seems like she is too busy to get the best for herself while undertaking these risky activities.


The post wherein Rihanna is witnessed enjoying jet skiing is becoming viral to a great extent. Netizens have been bombarding messages on her. While some messages and the comments have been motivating and encouraging her to set new goals of parenthood.

Others are trying to express their concern that her health might deteriorate if she goes on practicing such adventure sports at the moment. Many critics have also been bashing her for having undertaken all these sports at a delicate time. For latest movie and entertainment news, visit onlinemedialive.com

Flawless personality 

However, it is worth mentioning that Rihanna looked extremely stylish and gorgeous in the red bikini that she was wearing while she was undertaking the sports of a jet ski. She was looking extremely beautiful, and at the same time, she was giving the best kind of vibe she ever could.

She has been a source of inspiration for many people these days. She has constantly been working on setting new examples and new heights of success. 


Once she comes back from her vacation, it is expected that she genuinely takes care of herself. This would come as a major form of relief to all her fans who are frantically praying for her safe delivery in the first place. This is the biggest kind of relief that would be available to all the ones who are concerned. 


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