New Love & Thunder Trailer Showcase The Mass Return Of Endgame’s Fat Thor

The all-new released teaser of Thor – Love and Thunder teaser the comeback of Avengers – Endgame’s fat Thor. The renowned director  Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth clubbed for creating a team in the MCU for the fourth standalone film ‘God of Thunder.’ The set after the successful events of Thor: Love and Thunder, Infinity Saga is eagerly waiting for the mass return of Natalie Portman, known as Jane Foster, who is all set to become the Mighty Thor.

Love And Thunder Teaser The Comeback Of Avengers – Endgame’s Fat Thor

Right after the huge success of Thor: Ragnarok, actor Chris Hemsworth is back to shining more brightly than ever in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ The fans have much-awaited the trailer for all these long months to release. The anticipation they carried all these months has finally reached a perfect end. 

Love And Thunder Teaser The Comeback Of Avengers - Endgame's Fat Thor

The Thor: Love and Thunder teaser undoubtedly holds various moving pieces in it. This involves the arrival of Mighty Thor, the reign of King Valkyrie in New Asgard, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The fascinating part of the teaser is the narrative’s primary villain character done by Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. The middle part of Love and Thunder gets taken over by Thor, who is facing a midlife crisis and curiously trying to find out what will happen to him after the Infinity saga. Most fans will surely be surprised by his fresh new look in Thor: Love and Thunder as he no longer carry those extra pounds he gained earlier all these long years. 

The release date of the film is getting near, but still, the marketing continues. Marvel Entertainment has relieved a whole new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder clearly prove the same. This brand new clip that was freshly released holds a sequence of new scenes and even engaging dialogues from Bale’s Gorr, which was never seen or heard before. Even though the teaser is undoubtedly entertaining, the biggest overall takeaway is none other than the latest appearance of Fat Thor. After CrossFit routine and strength training using massive chains, the Fat Thor is here with the new look that, without a doubt, will get a great acceptance from his fans for sure.

Hemsworth has shared his personal thought that he is the strongest and the biggest character he has ever been playacting in God of Thunder. He even added that he is highly confident about the end of Thor’s Endgame physique. Fortunately, Thor – Love and Thunder isn’t hiding any part of thor and his striking performance under any rug. As in the Avengers: Endgame, Thor’s way of presentation was one of the most factious parts of 2019, as the character was mostly used for Hilarious purposes. 

Thor – Love and Thunder clearly depicts Thor’s attempt to lose his pounds; they never overlooked taking care of his PTSD. The new MCU film now focuses on masking him from further exposing his hard work and struggles to be in the present stunning look. 

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