Prince William, Kate Middleton React to Prince Louis’ Jubilee Antics

Astonishingly, Prince Louis became a sensation during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. When he wasn’t being adorable, he was grumpy. In one video, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton appears to be irritated by what Prince George said.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Finally Talk About What Prince Louis Did At The Jubilee!

Many candid images of the four-year-old prince have appeared on the internet this week, including one in which he tries to dodge the deafening boom of the Royal Air Force planes as they fly past. One viral video shows the prince making faces at his mother and even placing his palm over her mouth as she speaks to him. The prince is adorable.

Prince William, Kate Middleton React to Prince Louis' Jubilee Antics

After Prince Louis’ antics went viral, William and Kate Middleton made a small acknowledgment on their official Twitter profile. We had a great time this weekend. What a sight it’s been to see people from all around the country come together with their loved ones.

Thanking everyone who came out to show their appreciation for the Queen’s 70 years of reign, they stated, “We all had a lovely night, particularly Louis,” and used the emoji of a pair of eyes to thank them.

In 2022, the Queen’s annual birthday parade was bigger than ever. The Trooping of the Colors marked the beginning of a four-day commemoration of the Queen’s 70th birthday. The audience was full of royalty. One of them was 4-year-old Louis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest children, Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 7, welcomed Louis into the family. After a parade that included a carriage ride and lots of waving from Louis, the Cambridge children participated in a royal rite.

George, Louis, and Charlotte stood on the Buckingham Palace balcony with other working royals. In the days that followed, Louis went on to dominate social media with an array of facial expressions. On one occasion, the little prince was even able to greet his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Kate and William took to Instagram to express their thoughts on the occasion after four days of festivities. Photos from Trooping The Color and a star-studded concert at Buckingham Palace accompanied their description of the holiday weekend as “really amazing.”

As they said on June 6, “Seeing people from all over the country come together with their families, friends, and loved ones have been immensely uplifting.

To finish, they thanked all those who attended and showed their admiration for the Queen and her remarkable tenure as head of state spanning seven decades. From the multitudes on the Mall to the municipalities staging street events across the country, we hope you had a weekend to remember.

Trooping the Color wasn’t the end of Louis’ shenanigans. The following day, he went back to making humorous facial expressions, despite not attending the Party at the Palace on June 4 (Kate and William were there with George and Charlotte).

The Jubilee Pageant included a 1.8-mile march through the streets around Buckingham Palace, according to reports. At one point, the cameras caught Louis scolding Kate and making a series of goofy facial expressions.

Louis’ pranks during the Platinum Jubilee weekend were once again trending on social media. Another event highlight was Louis sitting on Prince Charles’ knee.

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