Is famous Rapper French Montana Still Alive? Unraveling The Truth 

The news related to a celebrity usually spreads like wildfire. However, regarding the death of a celebrity, fans tend to believe that very soon. A few days back with the famous Rapper French Montana, something like this. The rapper was reported to have died in a car accident in early April. 

The Tagline ‘RIP Montana’ Was Able To Attract 2 Million Viewers

The news was a shocker to all the fans who had not expected this to happen anytime soon, even in their wildest dreams. Thankfully, this was just a rumor spread by some anonymous sources, which are yet to be confirmed. The rapper is doing fine and is completely safe by God’s grace.

famous Rapper French Montana Still Alive

On Friday, tweets on Twitter started unfolding one by one with the tagline of R.I.P Montana. The said information was also posted on Facebook. Within a fraction of minutes, the same was able to attract at least 2 million views.

There were many kinds of mixed reactions in the first place. While the genuine fans mourned the heavy loss that the entire entertainment industry was able to bear, other fans were interested in knowing the reasons due to why the famous rapper was put to rest.

Sudden reactions 

After the news that the 37-year-old rapper was dead broke out, millions of messages we’re bombarded on social media handles. Condolences poured in from all sides. Even garlands and wreaths made up of beautiful flowers were delivered to the rapper’s address as a sign of grief.

This news was also able to flash on important news channels. Within a short period, everything went viral. Many people started building their own stories regarding the cause of the death. 

To shut down every kind of speculation

But there were at least some categories of the people who did not lose hope. They found the posts on Instagram and Facebook, including Twitter, to be hoaxes and fraud. They also believed that the news of the death of the famous rapper was fake. All they needed was to cross-check their said belief of theirs. 

They had this belief in the light of recent fake reporting of the celebrity deaths. To shut down every kind of speculation in the first place, they made every possible attempt to reach out to the rapper, who was undertaking a recent vacation.

The upcoming course of action 

The rapper himself had to come forward and state on social media that he is doing fit and fine. He is doing great for the time being. He also expressed his disgust over these activities in which the fake news of the death was being promoted in a fraction of seconds. 

He exclaimed that such a kind of news could be a shocker to the celebrity’s family members. This could even result in an unwanted loss. He strictly advised all the people to refrain from doing these activities, even for fun’s sake.


The cyber bureau is set to launch an investigation into the same incident to determine who was responsible for this menace. It is expected that the server’s IP address through which the message went viral will be disclosed very soon. 


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