Rebel Wilson Stepped Forth Under Pressure To Reveal Her Relationship!

Rebel Wilson emerged as bisexual in a recent interview for her new memoir, Unfiltered.

Rebel Wilson To Speak Up!

The Pitch Perfect star said she’s been “in love with men and women” since she was a teenager but that it’s only recently that she felt comfortable enough to come out publicly. She also revealed that she has relationships with men and women but is currently single.

Rebel Wilson Stepped Forth Under Pressure To Reveal Her Relationship

But while Wilson may have felt ready to be open about her sexuality, experts say it’s never okay to push somebody out of the closet — even if you think they’re ready.

“I encourage everyone to come out on their terms,” said Matt Goodman, an LGBTQ+ rights activist who works at GLAAD, told INSIDER.

Rebel Wilson On Instagram

Rebel Wilson appeared gay in an Instagram post on Sunday, and her admission was met with mixed reactions. The Australian actress said she was inspired to come out by a high school student who asked if she identifies as queer, then took it back when he heard her answer.

Wilson wrote: “I said no, I’m not gay. He looked so disappointed, and I felt his pain.” She added that she wanted to avoid being seen as a role model because she didn’t want people to think they had to be like her.

Wilson’s admission is noteworthy because she previously denied rumors of being gay. She told Ellen DeGeneres that “there’s nothing wrong with being gay” but didn’t confirm or deny that she was queer.

But Wilson’s journey into coming out is not something everyone can relate to or even wants to emulate — especially young people who may be struggling with their sexuality or gender identity.

Rebel Wilson In Reddit Announcement 

In a Reddit AMA, Wilson said she’s “not straight,” but didn’t give a label. The actress said she’d been asked to reveal her sexuality for a long time and that this was the first time she felt comfortable doing so.

“I’ve been working on my show Super Fun Night for three years and I’ve always played gay characters,” Wilson wrote in response to one user’s question about why she came out now. “I’m not straight but don’t want to be labeled as gay or lesbian.”

But experts say you should never push anyone into coming out; it should be their choice. And some worry that Wilson’s announcement could harm LGBT youth who might be struggling with their own identity and may feel pressured.

The Pitch Perfect star, currently promoting her new movie Isn’t It Romantic, said she had been trying to live as an “open book” but that “the truth is a lot more complicated”. She went on to say that she has “only dated men” and that although she’s attracted to both genders, she doesn’t want people to think she’s gay. The actress said it was “important” to clarify that she was not gay because it would make people think she was more open-minded than them.

The actress has previously spoken about being bullied at school for being overweight and how she uses comedy as a coping mechanism.

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