An Australian Reporter Apologized To Rebel Wilson For Being Tried To Out Her Details

Andrew Hornery, an Australian journalist, asked for an apology from Rebel Wilson as he was trying to write an exclusive article about her relationship. He realized that the column was not fair and he asked for an apology. He admitted that he was never intended to be a threat. But he had enough confidence in the information that he received from the source.

What Was The Article That Made Andrew Hornery Feel Sorry?

Andrew Hornery wrote in his article that it is an abundance of caution and respect that the media representative sent an email to Rebel Wilson’s representative on Thursday morning. They wrote in the email that Rebel Wilson was given two days to comment on her relationship with a new woman, named Ramona Agruma. Before publishing a word they approached Rebel to do it.

An Australian Reporter Apologized To Rebel Wilson For Being Tried To Out Her Details

How did Rebel Wilson respond to the email?

After getting the email Rebel posted her relationship status on her Instagram story rather than commenting on the article. She wanted to share the news by herself. However, she commented in the article that she was going to be outed.

What did Andrew Hornery write in his new article?

On Friday Rebel Wilson shared a picture with her partner. She wrote ‘Disney Princess’ as a caption. The next day The Sydney Morning Herald wrote a column about the relationship following Rebel’s Instagram post. Andrew Hornery confessed in his new article that on the weekend he wrote a column regarding Rebel Wilson’s Instagram post. The post reveals her new relationship with a LA leisure wear designer, named Ramona Agra. He said that he genuinely regrets that Rebel found it hard.

He said that it was not his actual intention. He further said that he has learned some new and difficult lessons from the incident. And he wants to be honest with Rebel about his intention. Rebel chose an extraordinary way to deal with it. As a gay, he realized how discrimination hurts a person. He felt sorry for inflicting that which leads to a person’s pain. He told that they mishandled the steps in their approach.

He stated that he was told to put the questions on email by her management. He has a column every Saturday and he has a deadline. It is a standard procedure to announce the time frame. It depends on the subject whether or how they want to engage. Rebel would have reacted largely to what he has published.

What happened afterward?

The representative of the media told that it is not Hornery’s business to set out personal matters of people. But they understood where they made the mistake. As a result, Andrew Hornery removed his column. Then, he sent her an email where he wrote that in the interests of transparency and fairness, before publishing the column he was reaching out to Rebel ‘whether she will engage…’ But he received no reply. Rather than giving a reply, she tweeted that she didn’t want to come out in this way. But the situation is quite hard, she is trying to deal with it gracefully.

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