Robert Englund Revealed The Backstory of The Stranger Things 4 Villain

Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Barton Englund is an American actor and filmmaker best known for his portrayal as Freddy Krueger. As a result of his outstanding performance in the series, he has come to be known as one of the horror genre’s most recognisable faces.

Robert Englund Special Appearance In Stranger Things 4

He has just appeared in the fourth season of Stranger Things as Victor Creel, a vicious character. There hasn’t been much time for the character, despite how entertaining he was. In the wake of this, there are still many unresolved questions and assumptions concerning Victor. Englund himself has been mentioned in the media in an attempt to learn more about his persona.

Robert Englund Revealed The Backstory of The Stranger Things 4 Villain

Robert Englund recounted the story of how Victor lost his sight in a recent interview with Collider. Because he couldn’t save his family, Victor may have felt remorseful. As a result of this, he may have been unable to see the hazards that presented to his family until it was too late to do something about them. At one point, he expressed doubt about the character’s future because of the terrible nature of his past. According to him, more of the audience’s questions would be answered in season five and six of the show.

Season 4 of Stranger Things, according to actor David Harbour, is structured in such a way that Victor can return in Season 5. During that time period, he will be able to reveal his greatest destiny, even though the exact timing of this is unknown.

After multiple auditions for different seasons of Stranger Things, the team had to let him go since he couldn’t reach their standards, which bothered him. According to him, casting director Carmen Cuba wasn’t impressed with his audition for the role of Dustin in Stranger Things season three. In his words, “I presumed I made a mistake with the persona. And that was something I really wanted to do.” When he found out he wouldn’t be a part of such an amazing show, he showed his disappointment loud and clear.

Robert Englund went so far as to say that the role he auditioned for in the third season was nothing like Victor Creel, the guy accused of killing his family in the first season. Only once in season 4 did he manage to pull off such an impressive performance, going against his usual villainous demeanour and instead portraying the broken guy who couldn’t comprehend the horrors of that night.

Fans of the show know that if Victor Creel had been played by someone else, this portrayal and representation might not have succeeded. And it’s possible that this is the reason he’s been called back in for a fourth season audition.

The only thing we can do now is wait for Netflix to release the next episodes of Stranger Things 4. On July 1, 2022, the second batch of episodes will air.

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