This Is What Sophie Turner Has To Say About Filming Traumatic Scenes For Game Of Thrones

In this interview, Sophie Turner reveals how she developed a coping technique while shooting Game of Thrones (GOT) at such an early age. Recently, the Chasing Happiness actor admitted to The Cut that she was only 19 years old when she filmed the most contentious portions of HBO’s dark fantasy series based on George R.

Sophie Turner Will Show Some Signs Of Traumatization

Having fun between takes was a coping strategy since the subject matter was “very dark,” she told the outlet. So that she wouldn’t become overwhelmed during shoots, Sophie recalled that she did her best to “have as much fun in between takes as possible.”

This Is What Sophie Turner Has To Say About Filming Traumatic Scenes For Game Of Thrones

On the GOT set, the X-Men actress said that she had her mother as a chaperone to assist her through the emotional hardship of filming horrific sequences. She said that her mental health would be affected by the violent themes of fantasy series in the coming days.

I’m sure I’ll show some signs of traumatization in the future. They were too young to understand much of the story’s content when they saw it.

Since she and Joe Jonas revealed their pregnancy, Sophie Turner has been in the spotlight. This year marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life after her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones brought her worldwide fame. In a recent interview with Jessica Chastain for The Cut, Sophie Turner discussed her career. That’s what Turner told me.

Game of Thrones, an American fantasy series, has a worldwide fan base and has been running for eight seasons because of its popularity. As Sansa Stark in the fantasy series, Sophie was a fan favorite.

Her early Game of Thrones success and the difficulty of filming intense scenes at such a young age were discussed recently by the actor, who recently opened up about her career and personal life.

Throughout their adolescence, they felt compelled to conform to the image that others had of them since they were growing up and didn’t know what else to do. They didn’t have time to find out who they were as a person other than the part they played in Game of Thrones and other people’s impressions of them,” she said.

There’s a lot of the scene matter they don’t believe they could understand at that age.”
“They created a coping technique of just having the most fun in between takes so that they wouldn’t be traumatized,” she added. As time goes on, you may expect me to show signs of trauma.

Many of the scenario details were beyond my comprehension as a child. In the beginning, my mother accompanied me since she was escorting them, so she was always there to assist and provide them with refreshments.
For those who don’t know, Sophie Turner made her Game of Thrones debut as Sansa Stark at the tender age of 15, and Sophie was one of the few cast members that appeared in all eight seasons of the series. At the age of 26, the actress reflects on her time set violent series and the impact it may have had on her life.


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