Story Of The Best Comedian In America, Tracy Morgan

In the world of comedy, there is a saying that you must be able to make yourself laugh and be happy before you can make others laugh. 

Story Of The Best Comedian In America, Tracy Morgan

The saying has a profound meaning and holds even to one of the legendary modern comedians of all time in America, Tracy Morgan. He is worldwide famous for his comedy shows and skits which can bring laughter and joy to the lives of millions. Tracy is one of the best stand-up comedians who has achieved unbelievable feats in his lifelong career.

Story Of The Best Comedian In America, Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan Career

Tracy Morgan entered the world of comedy back in 1988 he has performed in hundreds of stand-up comedy shows and several skits. 

He has also performed in some of the most well-known and famous television shows, including 30 Rock, The Tracy Morgan Show, Saturday Night Live[SNL], and many more. All of these shows themselves have tens of millions of fan followings.

Additionally, Morgan has been in touch with SNL for a long time and has been nominated multiple times for his work. He has also been nominated for his work with 30 Rocks, where he worked for a long time.

Most of his shows contain some of his signature elements. It includes a lot of cringe musicals as well as funny characters. He also has a natural-born talent for creating easy-to-understand and funny jokes.

He is currently associated with a show named ‘The Last O.G..’ He is working on the show even after his accident.

Tracy Morgan Biography

Morgan came into this world in November of 1968 in his hometown of Brooklyn, NYC. Interestingly, NYC will also become where he will manage to create a name for himself.

His real name is Tracy Jamal Morgan, but he is popularly known by his short stage name Tracy Morgan.

His mother, Alicia Morgan, used to be a homemaker. At the same time, his father, Jimmy Morgan, was a patient of HIV infection, who later passed away when Morgan was just 19 years of age.

One of the exciting facts about Morgan’s name is that it was given by his father after one of his close friends had died during the Vietnam war.

Net Worth And Marital Life

Morgan has a total net worth of about seventy million dollars, most of which he got from his stand-up shows across the globe and his television shows which also have garnered a lot of fan support.

He had a monthly salary estimated to be about a million dollars.

He is currently unmarried after facing divorce back in the year 2020.

Age And Height

He is currently fifty-three years of age and has an overall body weight of about 84kgs. 

He also has an average height of about five feet and ten inches, along with dark hair and eye color.


In the middle of 2014, Morgan had been in a terrible accident that heavily affected his ability to stand up or walk.

He had gotten hit by a Walmart truck while driving his car. He was hospitalized along with his friends, including Harris Stanton and Ardie Fuqua. They were also in that car when it crashed.

Unfortunately, one of their close friends, James McNair, died on the spot due to the accident.

After many investigations, police confirmed that the Walmart truck was the sole reason for the accident as it had failed to notice the traffic signals.

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