Surprised By Josh Hutcherson’s Least Favorite Part Of Hunger Games!

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Josh Hutcherson provided some interesting behind-the-scenes insights about the production of “The Hunger Games” in a profile for DuJour Magazine.

Nobody was surprised to learn that Woody Harrelson is an excellent basketball player, which I would assume was the case given that the entire premise of “White Men Can’t Jump” is that Woody is talented.

Josh Hutcherson’s Summer Camp Adventures!

The “summer camp adventures” that Hutcherson, Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth (who plays Gale in the series) would have at local bars and eateries wherever they were filming, according to Hutcherson, are what he’ll miss most about working on the franchise. To our surprise, there is something he would not miss at all and that is dyeing his hair blonde.

Surprised By Josh Hutcherson's Least Favorite Part Of Hunger Games

My preferred category of a movie star is Josh Hutcherson. While most people are familiar with him from his lead role as Peeta Mellark in the “Hunger Games” series, he also contributes his acting skills to strange and daring genre movies like Joseph Kahn’s unjustly undervalued “Detention” and the absurdly entertaining “Tragedy Girls.” The “Hunger Games” set put the short king through a lot because he had to play a part that required both emotional and physical performance. The Hunger Games was a four-part film series based on Suzanne Collins‘ #1 New York Times bestselling series of novels of the same name, in case you managed to avoid one of the biggest movie franchises of the 2010s.

The Hunger Games is a film series of science fiction that has received a lot of fame and is one of the loved trilogies. The Hunger Games is one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time and it has grossed over $2.97 billion worldwide. 

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The beginning of the filmography for The Hunger Games is marked on May 24, 2011, and starting from then all the parts of it have been loved by the fans. It is one of the most loved series’ for its amazing cast. It has marked so many records with its name, in 2012 it set the record for the biggest opening weekend.

Since Josh Hutcherson is a natural brunette, he had to bleach and color his hair frequently over a long period of time to maintain Peeta’s distinctive appearance. When the movie’s filming was over, Josh Hutcherson’s first trip was to the hair and make-up trailer because, as DuJour put it, he’s the kind of guy who washes his hair once a week and is very proud of the same. Josh Hutcherson had the majority of his hair removed instead of dyeing them back to black color. He likely made the right decision because bleaching your hair frequently over time may seriously harm it, and adding more dye to already damaged hair is much worse.

He said his hair had been damaged for a while. They turned orange-brown and it took him a while to remove the color. He added it was almost like frosted tips back in the 90s. Fortunately, Hutcherson has taken a well-deserved break from the blonde role since the franchise’s conclusion.

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