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 When it comes to establishing supremacy in singles, none can be better than Atlanta based production collective 808 Mafia, Southside.

His Name Is Widely Attached To The Best Music Albums To Create A Buzz

He has been ruling the film industry for a long period now. He has established his goodwill over the past 10 years. His name is widely attached to the best music albums to create a buzz. 

Travis Scot

This music albus includes Kodak’s Black, Tunnel Vision and Future’s Fuck. Over these years, he has collaborated with so many artists like Kayne and every time; the result has been a box office hit.

Travis Scott Career

Travis Scott name is also linked with many rappers in the first place. He has been collaborating for a long time now with many famous artists.

But this side, he has changed his strategy. His first official single as an artist is set to hit the screen on April 22, 2022. 

He has recruited Travis Scott for this purpose. The same has been titled “Hold the Heat”. It is important to mention that both the personalities, i.e.

Travis and Future, have been holding the albums on the Horizon. The name of the Future’s album is currently uncertain for the moment.

Travis Scott Albums

The music album, which was formed after collaborating the efforts of Travis and Future, is all set to hit the screens around April 29, 2022.

This will be the first official single that has been produced by the latter. The album titled “Hold the Heat” would be the first of its kind album with huge uncertainty.

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However, this will be the first production on the artist’s part ever since the mishap that happened around the Astroworld. This tragedy happened in the year of November 2021. 

More Collaborations 

There has been a huge set of collaborations between Southside and Travis in the past. All of these collaborations have been hits in the first place.

These collaborations included important and famous albums like Motorcycle Patches, Black and Chines and Metro Boonims.  All of these songs were recorded with the most sincere efforts. 

But all these songs had atleast one thing in common. This commonality was the similarity of the participating audience involved in the same. This is going to be very true and insane. 

Travis Scott Social Media Accounts 

Many updates have been posted on the social media handles concerning the release of the first official single.

This music album is very close to his heart because he did not leave a single stone unturned to produce the same.

He has been able to get positive reviews on the teaser released so far. It is expected that the actual music album would also be in the position to set the stage on fire. 


The fans are eagerly and desperately waiting for the release of the new music albums. They want to hear out to their most famous singer and rapper.

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It is expected that the music album would be released in parts so that a better audience engagement ratio could be obtained in the first place. This is actually going to help a lot of factors in the first place. 

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