Updates: Jan 6 Hearings On Cassidy Hutchinson

As per reports from the January six Committee itself, it is evident that the former chief of staff, Mark Meadows’s ex-aide Cassidy Hutchinson, will be the leading witness regarding the Capitol Hill incident which took place on January 6th of, 2021.

She will give a short hearing before the committee on Tuesday regarding some new evidence found during the investigations.

Updates: Jan 6 Hearings On Cassidy Hutchinson

Cassidy is currently a pivotal witness to many actions Trump took during his presidency. She has also helped the committee with several important pieces of evidence and numerous testimonies.

During one such testimony, she revealed the names of six Republicans who asked Trump for a pardon during his last week as POTUS.

Updates Jan 6 Hearings On Cassidy Hutchinson

She also confirmed in front of the committee that Trump had indeed agreed with the methods of intimidation used by protestors who stormed Capitol Hill in January 2021.

What Is The Goal Of The ‘January 9th Committee’?

According to official reports, the January 9th committee is investigating the apparent attempt by Donald J. Trump to overturn the results of elections held in 2020 at the end of his term as President.

He is accused of indulging in malpractices and trying to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power from himself to the newly elected President Joe Biden.

Since the committee’s first hearing, much evidence has been found by the committee members against Trump, suggesting that he was indeed involved in supporting the massive riot on Capitol Hill by his supporters.

What Is The Role Of Cassidy Hutchinson In Helping The January 9th Committee?

Per reports from the committee members, Cassidy has been very cooperative in the investigations against Trump and is also responsible for providing key evidence and valuable testimonies.

She has even provided the names of the people who sought pardon directly from Trump during his last week as President. As per her testimony, the names include several republican congressmen,

Andy Biggs from the State of Arizona.

Mo Brooks from the State of Alabama.

Matt Gaetz from the State of Florida.

Louie Gohmert from the State of Texas.

Marjorie Taylor Greene from the State of Georgia.

Scott Perry from the state of Pennsylvania.

She is also a pivotal witness to many of the critical events of the committee. She confirmed the rumors of Trump agreeing with rioters’ desire to ‘hung the vice president Mike Pence.’

Among the pardon list, Cassidy also mentions the name of Republican member Jim Jordan who also discussed the pardons but never officially asked for one.

Trump had also tried to join the rally but later got obstructed by the Secret Service due to significant security concerns.

Cassidy also gave testimony against the former chief of staff, Mark Meadow, who later sued for blocking the subpoena of his deposition.

She had also warned Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and chief of staff Mark Meadows about their decision to get alternate electors for casting votes in states where Trump had lost.

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