Rebel Wilson And Girlfriend Ramona Agruma: The Snap Reveal An Untold Story By Strolling Italy Hand-in-hand

Rebel Wilson and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma, who is closely bonded, took a leisurely way walk on the weekend in Italy. All this eventuated right after revealing their relationship tagged ‘public.’ Both were pictured walking hand-in-hand in Sardinia.

The Snap Reveal An Untold Story By Strolling Italy Hand-in-hand

Rebel Wilson and girlfriend Ramona Agruma were spending a great quality time this weekend. Both the besties have been looking for a long time for such a lovely walk they think it is mandatory; They seemed very romantic and blushing.

The Snap Reveal An Untold Story By Strolling Italy Hand-in-hand

Rebel and Ramona, the lovely cutie couples, shared romantic snaps showcasing the deep love they hold for each other. All the shots clearly reflect the strong bonding and their mad love. 

In the pictures shared, Wilson was wearing a bright yellow mixed with a pure white dress and a pair of nude pumps. The attire in which she perfectly fits looks stunning and appealing. Agruma adorned a deep black Prada coat with white piping throughout. The white crop top she wore inside was breathtaking. The white crop top, paired with sandals and black trousers, made her look superb.

The sweet snap shared by Rebel and Ramona is getting tremendous views on social media. Agruma captioned the snap ‘Bella Italia’ and was already found its niche with vast coverage in New York Post. Besides the shared picture, the actress of ‘Pitch Perfect’ commented ‘Ciao Bellas.’ 

Apart from the firstly shared snap, holding Rebel Wilson and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma, the picture shared right after was with a group of friends. It seems the pair met with a big gang and were happy together. The meeting lifted their lips, and everyone seemed extremely happy. Though they were in a cheerful mood, the gang never missed out on taking a snap and making it public. 

Rebel Wilson, who is now a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, got the membership this month by introducing her new girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, to the fans. 

Wilson captioned a recent selfie on Instagram. She shared that, she was looking for a Disney prince for plenty of time, but the moment she realized she needed a princess instead of a prince, she right away refocused her views and inquisitively searched for a Disney Princess.” 

The lovely pair appeared to be slightly hiding as they walked on the red carpet together, holding their hands at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, held late in March.

Before revealing the partner’s identity and relationship, Wilson, the comedian, added, “I am very happy to be in a heavenly relationship.” This was said on Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid’s podcast U Up. 

Coming out with a same-sex relationship was bittersweet for the star. Wilson was forced to do so right after knowing she would be exposed as outed in a renowned Australian newspaper.  

In the right-to-point response to the article in Sydney Morning Herald, She tweeted, “Thanks for all your comments”; it was such a hard time but trying my very best to handle it just right.”

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