Ed Sheeran Breaks Record!!! The Track Got Him Placed At The Right Position He Deserves!

Ed Sheeran Breaks Record!!! The Track Got Him Placed At The Right Position He Deserves!

Ed Sheeran breaks record as he becomes the first person to get the most played artist and song accolades for the second year.

Ed Sheeran recently hit the new record right after his ‘Bad Habits’ track got him placed at the right position he deserves. This track was tagged to become the most-played record and thereby the most played artist as well. 

The Track Got Him Placed At The Right Position He Deserves!

Ed Sheeran, 31, is the first singer to win two accolades in different years. In the year 2017, he got his first achievement after the release of the ‘Shape of You’ track- a hugely popular album ‘Divide’ out of his other hits. The double-winner singer now has broken another major record with his ‘Bad Habits’ track. 

Ed Sheeran Breaks Record!!! The Track Got Him Placed At The Right Position He Deserves!

Adele was the only other single artist to top up both charts in the same year, in 2011, with her ‘Rolling in the Deep’ track which was mostly played by the fans. 

The Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), the music licensing company, is authorized to create the annual charts prepared by analyzing airplay data from radio and television stations, public performances, and music usage.

The Managing Director of PPL, Mr. Peter Leathem, expressed his hearty congratulations to Ed Sheeran for his successful toping on the chart over the last successive five years. He even praised Sheeran’s quality output as well as the deep strength he holds for British music.

Tom Grennan, who was 27, won the second and third most tracks of 2021 after Ed. 

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The latest collaboration on Friday gave the behind-the-scenes look of Ed and Jeremy Loops 38, the South African artist.

The track named ‘Better Together’ was successfully released last month. The fans treated this well, showcasing the talented duo’s songwriting process in the new music video.

In the footage released of their writing process, Ed, who was seen totally excited in the video, shared it publicly before the release of the track. His excitement in sharing deep thoughts with the South African artist – Jeremy at the recording studio shows his confidence on the track. The footage was a real gift for the fans worldwide and made them immensely happy.

Right after the end of the clip, Jeremy got into an outfit, a dapper beige blazer and a shirt inside, with his hair, rolled into a bun for posing the mandatory official snap. 

Eda and Jeremy’s bonding was pretty fast when they first met at a private party. The friendship grew bigger following the stadium show in South Africa, starred by Ed. 

Jeremy and Ed seem to be very similar talented artists from all perspectives. In many aspects of the crafts, they look alike. Jeremy added, ‘Ed has put forward the suggestion of working together.”

Ed, who is like a fluid, moves fast and works like a breeze. He is really flexible in working with anyone he wants. The chemistry between Ed and Jeremy worked, and the beautiful tracks are promised, which are on the way. 

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