Tim White, Former WWE Referee, Died At The Age Of 68

Timothy Rhys White, commonly known as Tim White, is an American professional wrestling referee who started working as a part-time referee in 1985. At the same time, he even worked as André the Giant’s assistant. He worked with WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) as a producer on the smack-down brand.

After the death of André the Giant, White became a full-time referee and started appearing on WWE television tapings. He suffered a shoulder injury in 2002 during a match and in 2004 he reinjured the shoulder which made him end his career as a referee.

Until 2009 he continued to work in the company as a backstage official and talent agent. Even though he quit his job as a referee, his kindness has brought him several good relationships.  

Tim White Worked For WWE For About 20 Years Even Appeared In Many Interviews

He worked with the company for more than 20 years and was released from WWE in 2009, completing his 24-year tenure with the company. White has appeared in countless interviews in the HBO documentary, André the Giant. In June 2021, he even appeared on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures. On June 19, 2022, White died at the age of 68.   

Tim White, Former WWE Referee, Died At The Age Of 68

Soon after the news blew up, WWE released a statement on solace in the death of their long-term referee. In the statement released, they have remarked their heartfelt condolences for this official who worked with the company for more than two decades. They concluded the statement by conveying their sincere comfort for White’s friends, family, and fans. 

With his long working career, he has created a huge fan base just like the contestants. Many wrestling superstars are paying tribute to their great loss and through their messages, they remark how much he meant to them. The pro wrestling world pays homage to the death of this great man.

Timothy Rhys White A Legendary Referee!!

Many wrestlers like Big E, WWE Hall Of Fame Shawn Michaels, and many others have remarked their words on the loss of the legendary referee. White was the referee for the legendary Hell in a Cell match between Mankind and the Undertaker that was held in 1998. 

Tim White Worked For  WWE For About 20 Years Even Appeared In Many Interviews

Other than Tim White, another referee named Dave Hebner has also passed away recently. Both the deaths have shaken the pro wrestling world. Hebner was the referee for Randy Savage and Rickey Steamboat’s match at WrestleMania III. he died at the age of 73.

WWE has recorded a special moment between Hebner and his brother that happened in 1988. Both of them have even helped to create most of the memorable moments in the history of WWE. Tim White and Dave Hebner were some of the most loving personalities the company had and they will remain in the hearts of fans and colleagues forever.         

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