James Bond Star, Lea Seydoux Has Been Approached For A Meaningful Role In Dune Part 2

Among the other new faces in the movie version of the fictional novel, Dune reports the commonly seen face of the James Bond movie star, Lea Seydoux also would be seen.

Dune Part Two Adds James Bond Star Lea Seydoux

Dune 1 was starred by Timothee Chamalet and Zendaya along with other actors including 0scar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Austin Butler, Josh Brolin, Hans Zimmer, and Christopher Walken, Charlotte Rampling, and the list goes on and on with an endless backing of talented actors. The team would be joined by Madeleine Swann actress to play the role of Lady Margot in Dune 2.

James Bond Star, Lea Seydoux Has Been Approached For A Meaningful Role In Dune Part 2

The Spectre actress is now busy in the negotiations of the project as per some sources. Upon the confirmation of the deal between the French actor and the wide team of Dune 2, she would be seen on screen playing the key role of the Count Hasimir Fenring’s wife, Lady Margot Fenring. The actress would also be a member of Bene Gesserit along with Paul Atreides’s mother, Lady Jessica.

The movie offer was reached to The Last Mistress actor through Denis Villeneuve, after eyeing her outstanding performance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Apart from Lea Seydoux, Zendaya also has a much larger role in the upcoming Warner Bros movie. Apparently, she made $300,000 from the previous part by playing one of the thoughtful roles.

The Warner Bros produced Dune: Part 2 would be dropped by the fall. The date of release is estimated to be on October 20, 2023.

The Dune: Part 1 was released in 2021 which is actually a conversion of the novel originally written by Frank Patrick Herbert Jr, who is famous for the novel Duke and its five sequels. 

Since the original version has five distinct parts, the movie buffs were also expecting 4 more individual films to be released in connection with the first season. Unfortunately, the movie is a two-part adaptation of the 1965 novel.

In actuality, the novel has three separate parts, while Villeneuve would depict the story within two parts only.

The Cesar Award nominee has reportedly not confirmed her role in the coming sequel, yet the audience has already finalized her as the Lady Margot.

The legendary movie has been hugely backed by three major production companies including, Legendary Entertainment, Villeneuve Films, and Warner Bros.

According to the words of Andria Kail, a TV writer, the film Duke is gaining more popularity and success than the former book. The movie didn’t fail to fulfill every aspect of her expectations, the writer added.

Very sadly, Dune is not streaming on Netflix at the time. Only the old version of the movie which was released in the 1980s shall be found on the Netflix screen.

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