Bhad Bhabie’s Age, Height, Net Worth, Early Life, Parents, Career, Relationships!!

Danielle Bregoli, also known by the name of Bhad Bhabhi, is one of the most amazing American star performers. She is a multi-functional and versatile personality who is not only a successful rapper but also a social media celebrity.

She rose from rags to riches in 2017 after she delivered a wonderful and power-packed performance in Dr. Phil. 

All You Need To Know About Bhad Bhabie’s Net Worth, Career

She is a famous personality. Her name and fame are evident from the number of followers she can maintain on social media accounts like Instagram. She has 17.2 million followers, for instance, on Instagram. 

Bhad Bhabie's Age, Height, Net Worth, Early Life, Parents, Career, Relationships!!

Bhad Bhabie’s Early life:

She was born in 2003 on 25th March in Florida. She was born to Ira and Barbara. She had a traumatizing childhood because her parents divorced when she was young. She was a single child. 

Her childhood was never that happening, and she even does not mention anything about her childhood memories to anyone. All that she remembers is the famous Palm Beach Country in Florida. That is where she spent most of her time, enjoying the little time she could with her parents and friends.

Bhad Bhabie’s Career:

She is a celebrity who rose to fame after delivering a power-packed performance on Dr. Phil. she is also a wonderful singer and rapper. Her first official debut happened in 2015 when she released “These heaux”. This single was a massive hit and was also included in Billboard 100 in August 2017. 

Since then, she has remained headstrong in maintaining her position in the industry by releasing better hits one by one. She released a new song called Gucci Flip Flops, which was again a massive hit. MTV. even awarded her the best female Rap artist of the year.

She even appeared in the Snapchat reality web series “ Growing up Bhabie”. She spoke about many things like the making of her career and the attachment that she is enjoying with music.

Date Of Birth26 March 2003 (age 19 years)
Height5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight50 Kg
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter,
and Internet Personality
Net Worth$5 million

Bhad Bhabie’s Net Worth:

With this being the list of her achievements already reported by her in her career, it is essential to mention that her net worth is somewhere around 5 million dollars. Her primary sources of income include:

  • Her music albums’ launch.
  • Acting in the web series.
  • Guest appearances in reality shows and brand associations and endorsements. 

Bhad Bhabie’s Relationships:

After becoming successful in her career and famous in the industry, her name was linked and associated with many big faces. She has also been a part of many kinds of controversies for the time. She preferred remaining quiet on her relationship status, but her fans didn’t give up that easily.

They stalked her Instagram handle only to discover that she had posted a lovable post with her rapper friend Lil Candy. She has been spotted with his guy many times at various public places. 


Bhad Bhabie’s Age, Weight, and Height:

She is 18 years of age for the time being. She is 1.5 meters tall and is also able to weigh 115 pounds. She has an attractive figure. Her Instagram account is filled with the best pictures and memories. 


She is a hardworking person who has delivered the best performance. She is working with her heart and soul. This is the best that can be expected out of her.

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