Can Mc Hammer Still Dance! MC Hammer: Net Worth, Age, First Album, Songs & More

M.C. Hammer is a well known American rapper, singer, record producer and entrepreneur who has been able to gain a huge amount of name and fame for himself. He is the one who has been actively working towards his career since the 1980s. 

He Has Appeared In Uncountable Albums, Movies And Dance Videos

He began his career through a television commercial. Since then, he had no intention of turning back. He has appeared in uncountable albums, movies and dance videos.

mc hammer

All of them have been hits at the box office. This has been able to curate a very special position for him in the entertainment industry.

Mc Hammer Early life 

He was born in 1963 on 30th March in Oakland, California. In the United States of America, he is a citizen. He was born to Lewis and Katrine.

While his father, Lewis, was a professional poker player, his mother, Katrine, was a secretary.

He had six siblings altogether. He had a childhood that was filled with fun and frolics. He created a memorable journey for himself in all these years. 

Mc Hammer Age 

He started his career only at the age of 11. He used to participate in the dance shows initially until he got a big break out of the same.

His team’s owner Chuck observed the talent and the spark in him. That is how he decided to make Hammer a big man altogether. 

He bestowed the chance to perform in the team as a batboy. He never lost his connection with music and dance, though.

He started performing in live bars and clubs, wherein he earned a lot of appreciation from the audience. He formed a rap group with John. 

Mc Hammer Career

In the year 1987, Hammer was able to release his first debut music album. It was titled “ Ring Em”. he began producing more covers and albums yearly.

Every album that he produced and launched initially broke very record at the box office. This was able to motivate him to the next level. 

He has been honoured with so many awards and prizes for his flawless performances in the first place.

He won the best Rhythm and Blues Songs award in 1990 and the best rap solo award in 1990. In addition, he managed to receive 8 American awards for people’s choice. 

Full NameStanley Kirk Burrell
Net worth 3 million

Mc Hammer Net Worth

With the huge amount of success that he has been able to enjoy, he has been able to earn a whopping amount of 3 million dollars for the time being. This is a huge amount of net worth which can be monitored.

Realtionship And Kids

He has been married to Stephanie Fuller. He met her during her church revival ceremony. Since then, he has fallen for her.

In 1985, the couple exchanged vows. He has been blessed with three sons and two daughters. They enjoy a very cosy family life.

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Age, Weight And Height 

He is 57 years of age for the time being. His weight is somewhere around 78 kgs, and his height is 1.87m. He has a very amazing and handsome physique. This is insanely beautiful for the time being.


He is a very hardworking person who has received a huge amount of appreciation from the world at large. He is the best in almost every regard. 

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