Lewis Capaldi Leads Tributes To Tom Mann’s Fiancée

Lewis Capaldi lead the tributes following X Factor star Tom Mann disclosed that his partner Danielle Hampson, 34, died on Saturday, the day before their wedding ceremony. Tom, who rose to fame with the band Stereo Kicks, made the tragic announcement on Monday night. The news triggered an outpouring of affection from his fellow musicians in the world of music. The singers Lewis Capaldi and Ellie Goulding honored him to Tom, and Take this as Howard Donald wrote a post in honor of dancer very skilled’ Danielle.

Lewis Capaldi Leads Tributes To Tom Mann’s Fiancée

Throughout her career as a professional dancer, she performed with many famous artists. Her most recent major performance before becoming a mom last year was Harry Kinds’ 2021 music video for his hit track Deal with People With Kindness.

Lewis Capaldi Leads Tributes To Tom Mann's Fiancée

Tom was returning from a vacation in Sardinia with Danielle, 34, who worked as an official in the P.R. field. Danielle did not have any known medical issues, and the reason for their death remains unknown. Howard Donald and Lewis Capaldi performed the funeral following the news that X Factor performer Tom Mann confirmed the death of his wife Danielle Hampson, 34, on Saturday.

The ancestors of Capaldi are Scottish, Irish, and Italian. The second cousin of Capaldi, who was removed from the side of his dad, is actor Peter Capaldi, who starred in the music video of his song “Someone You Loved” and was the lead singer and guitarist in the rock punk group the Dreamboys. Also, he is a distant cousin to Nuclear scientist Joseph Capaldi, who was born in Barrhead. Capaldi is famous for his involvement in social media and his raunchy videos.

Capaldi was reported to have been living with his family members at Bathgate in February of 2020. Capaldi is expected to purchase Castlehill house situated in East Renfrewshire in September 2020. He loves football and cheers on Celtic F.C. “Before You Go” has been described by the composer in the sense of being “by far the most intimate music” that he’s composed. According to the composer, his aunt took her own life at the age of “five or six,” and the tune focuses on the emotional impact of suicide.

The composer claims that according to him, Danielle Hampson died in the early morning hours of what was supposed to be her marriage day Tom Mann. He described his son’s 8-month-old mother, who was “the brightest light in any room,” and stated that the ring he wore would be his forever rings to symbolize his unending love for her.

Tom Mann, a former X Factor contestant, has been paying tribute to his bride after learning that she had passed away in the early morning on the day of their wedding.

Mann was ranked sixth on the 11th series of The X Factor in 2014 as a member of the boy band Stereo Kicks, a group that was formed for the show prior to moving to become a composer for singers like Lewis Capaldi, Rita Ora as well as Tom Grennan.

He was scheduled to wed his fiancée Danielle Hampson, the mother of his baby boy, Bowie, on Saturday.

“What should have been the best day of our life ended in permanent grief?” I feel like I’ve shed a lot of tears. We never got to the altar, recited our vows, or performed our first dance. But Danielle, I am sure you’re my entire life and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ll put on the ring that I’ve always been expected to wear to symbolize my unending love for you.

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