Lizzo Finally Confirms That She Is In A Relationship With Mystery Man!

It has been recently that a lot of controversies have come forward. The celebrity Lizzo has finally confirmed that she is dating a boyfriend.

She Was Dating In One Of The Recent Interviews

She notified me that she was dating in one of the recent interviews. The interview streamed on April 18. In this interview, she admitted and asserted that she had a boyfriend. 


Andy Cohen hosted this interview on SiriusXM Radio Andy’s show. The viewership of this interview was able to surpass 3 million within 24 hours.

This was the first-ever disclosure made by Lizzo all by herself in all these years concerning her relationship status.

How Was The Information Extracted?

The host was smart enough to ask different questions about the celebrity. He repeatedly asked about the mystery man who was always spotted with her on vacations.

Though Andu knew the answer, he made it more embarrassing and complicated for the actress to admit.

He looked toward the actress while he asked her about the man with whom she was found drunk at Craig’s restaurant. This was the best way to elicit all of these details.

Recent Events

Lizzo and her boyfriend have become the talk of the town in recent days. They are repeatedly observed in various public places holding hands in hands.

They were also found near clubs and discos. In addition, the social media accounts on Intagram and Facebook are brimming with stories and posts wherein both of them have been featured enjoying immemorable times on vacations. 

All of these incidents have been able to raise enough eyebrows towards the admission of the fact that they are committed on public platforms.


The 33-year-old actress was very shy to disclose her dating status in all the previous interviews she had before this one.

She was scared to attract unwanted attention and controversy in her relationships. That is why she had the habit of being secretive about her relationships. 

She was never so comfortable making any public statements about admitting her relationships. However, things seem to be different this time.

She openly admitted the status of the relationship upon being asked. That was a candid moment, though, but disclosure is a disclosure at every cost. 

Upcoming events 

The couple is reportedly planning to collaborate on a music album. Everything concerning the same has been done except that the date of release and other activities of promotion has to be decided upon.

The couple has been seriously dating each other for 5 years now. They are even planning to get married anytime soon. 

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This would be major news that would spread like forest fires in the minimum amount of time. In the interview, she even admitted that she continuously manifests to get impregnated by her boyfriend’s baby.


After the interview, the truth was unravelled. This is the best kind of disclosure that was ever made.

It is also essential to provide for the fact that though she tries to brush away these kinds of arguments, the truth is already known to a lot of people. There is no turning back for her now.

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