Better Days Records Is Reviving Its Louisville-Focused Label, Upcoming Developments!

It has been a matter of several years that Better Days record shop owner and operator Ben Jones are trying to watch their efforts to build up a better fan following.

The Celebrity Jones Was In The Position To Purchase The Iconic local Record Shop 

It is also important to mention that in the 1980s, the celebrity Jones was in the position to purchase the iconic local record shop. 

Better Days Records Is Reviving Its Louisville

This shop has got itself converted into Better Days’ record store. These two stores are located in the two opposite directions of east and west. They have been able to focus a lot on the Louisville label.

Future Course Of Action

But there has been a lot that the brand’s label of the brand had to undergo in these years. The image of the same has been tarnished over some time.

The most important intention of all the people now is to revive the brand with the minimum amount of effort so that it can become famous once again. The brand shop is now able to attract a lot of customers. 

These customers were responsible for browsing and purchasing the best products from the store at a very handsome price. The products have included some of the best and the most noteworthy music records of Louisville. 

Renovating The Brand 

The idea to revamp the brand position has strengthened the market value of vinyl records for the local musicians.

To further increase their customer base, it is essential to increase the size of the office. It has been decided that at least 1500 square feet of the area would be added to the East store so that more products like T-

shirts, bands, stickers, buttons and other materials could be easily sold under the famous brand’s label.


The main intent behind this kind of revival is to get the local independent brand a space to sell their products at the price they want.

The main focus is on the quality and the huge amount of variety available under the brand name so that the customers could be satisfied even in the long run. 

This would be laying down a helping hand that causes further expansion and determines the perfect value for the same.

The demand for resurgence has been increasing, which is a positive sign for the better development of the brand name. 

Upcoming Developments 

It is further essential to mention that Jones is set to start the headlines by releasing some more raw albums in the upcoming days.

This would be useful in almost every kind of way. This is helpful in the long run to enhance the scope of the operations. 

This is going to be useful to the next level. This can generate a sufficient amount of fan following that would be useful for the better development of goodwill.


Such music albums are the best source of developing a separate brand image in the industry. 


Moving forward with this idea was not without challenges. Many challenges came and went, but at the same time, some challenges are about to come. That is why a person must be ready in almost every situation.

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