Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 80: Who Is The Attacker? Release Date & More

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 80 arrives again to impress the audience with several twisting plots. The viewers already saw that Yu Ijin is just a pawn in the hands of the cruel Gangs of Korea. The young boy does not have any interest in the little payment they gave him.

Mercenary Enrollment Anime Chapter 80 Spoilers List! Release Date, Read Manga Online

However, the subsequent events are still a mystery to the fans of this series. Chapter 80 will unfold all the secrets in front of you. The wait will end soon with the declaration of the next Chapter by the makers.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 80 Who Is The Attacker Release Date & More

This time, you can get to know the primary culprit behind the attack on Hyung-Nim. The involvement of a third person is very evident from the previous episodes. As the name suggests, Chapter 80: Who is the Attacker? is all about the revelation of the story’s real villain.

Anime News; Explanation of What Follows In The Next Chapter

Teenage Mercenary will come up with several events focusing on solving two different mysteries. It will let you observe the actual plot where Ijin meets with Doosik. Everybody got acquainted with the investigation of Doosik that began in the previous Chapter. However, several questions went unanswered at that time. Accordingly, the viewers will see the second encounter between the two primary characters of the story.

What will ultimately happen to Ijin? Can he prove his innocence? All will gradually come to the limelight in every exciting episode of Chapter 80.

Apparently, Ijin was the person who broke into the office of Doosik. However, that was not true. Then who was the one behind such a destructive incident? Along with Ijin, you will also be participating in this quest.

Various plots will also be based on Hyung-Nim. Hence, the audience is going to enjoy his performance for the last time in this series. The exciting sequences of war continue to make the storyline more gripping. As per the latest announcements, Chapter 80 will finally unveil whether Hyung-Nim is going to die to survive.

What will be the consequences of the tussles among the members of both the gangs? If you are also counting days to get an answer to this question, get all the updates here for the exact date of release.

Final Release Date of Chapter 80

A new mission is waiting for Teenage Mercenary in the new Chapter. However, it is still not known what Ijin is thinking. Can he manage the risks coming up with this mission? You can now watch every episode on different web platforms like Kakaopage and Webtoon. Naver is also another platform to enjoy the super exhilarating Chapter of Mercenary Enrollment.

The tentative date of releasing Chapter 80 is April 2022. In a recent interview, the makers have confirmed that 9th April can be the great beginning of the mysterious Chapter.

Will Doosik be able to arrest the gangs and save others from their illegal motives? The plot will progress on this topic mainly where Doosik will continue the search to catch the gangs. Thus, April is going to be a month of rejoicing for the fans of Teenage Mercenary.


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