Sexual Assault Charges With Paul Haggis – The Director Arrested In Italy 

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Paul Haggis, the ‘Crash’ director, and renowned screenwriter is legally charged with sexual assault and a serious personal injury resulting from non-consensual sexual relations. 

Paul Haggis Taken Into Custody On Sexual Assault Charges 

The great talented Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis got arrested by the authorities last Sunday. The arrest was reported in Italy, and he was charged with sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Charges With Paul Haggis - The Director Arrested In Italy 

The director got arrested in southern Italy after the sexual attack reported by a young foreign lady to the investigators. The foreign women’s health condition was pretty bad, and she was forced to get intensive medical care. The investigating authorities identified the non-consensual sexual relationship held with an Italian man named Haggis, who turned the lady to face serious medical problems. 

In accordance with the statement given via Associated Press by the prosecutors in Italy, the victim’s name, age, or even nationality were not revealed, and she was spotted at the airport near Italy. This all happened on Sunday early morning. The thorough medical examination of the lady and the statement collected reveals that she was sexually tortured for two days by Haggis and was dropped off at the airport. The lady was in a psychological condition when found by the airport staff and police. Her precarious state confused the people at the airport and caught her in no time. 

The woman was then immediately shifted to the nearby hospital for medical examination. The hospital authorities informed the cops to whom she clarified everything that happened to her. She complained of the alleged sexual assault and quoted the circumstances which prove the confirmations. The lady then filed charges against Paul Haggis, who was instantly arrested on suspicion of personal injury and sexual assault.

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Haggis was in southern Italy to attend the inaugural fest by Allora organizers. Right after reporting the crime, Allora Fest organizers removed the participation of Haggis from the inaugural event and proceeded with another. The filmmaker was eve booked for a master class in Italy.

During a discussion, Priya Chaudhry, the sharp lawyer of Haggis, said that, under the law of Italy, the evidence could not be discussed. And that said, she strongly confirms her confidence in Mr.Haggis. She points out that all the allegations against Haggis will legally get dismissed, and he is absolutely innocent. She’s adding more points that all these are cooked-up stories, and the lawyer and the client will fully cooperate with the procedures to dig out the truth quickly.

Contrary to all these said by Priya, in late 2017 and 2018, several ladies stood against Haggis for the very same allegations of sexual misconduct. Haleigh Breest, the publicist, then filed a civil lawsuit against the screenwriter. Following that, three more ladies came forward with accusations against Paul Haggis.

One of the accusers in the late event was a 28-year-old girl who reported sexual misconduct against Haggis in 1996. She was at that time working as a television artist. Haggis came there for a show and tried to kiss her at the back office. She was then forcefully compelled to do oral sex and finally raped her. 

The Breest’s lawsuit still remains pending and was delayed by the Covid pandemic. 

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