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The Hollywood couple, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been successful in co-parenting their little angel, Khai despite their breakup in October 2021. The Mama shared a cute picture of the daughter along with her father on the model’s official Instagram handle, this Sunday.

Gigi Hadid Shares Rare Photo of Zayn Malik & Daughter Khai on Father’s Day

The blonde girl was seen wishing her father Mohamed Hadid on the occasion of Father’s Day with a snap in which Mohamed was placing a peck on the daughter’s cheeks. “Happy Father’s Day to my sweetest Baba”, she wrote. The very next picture she uploaded was that of Khai playing with Zayn, which astonished the billions of fan followers on her page.

Gigi Hadid Shares Rare Photo of Zayn Malik & Daughter Khai on Father’s Day

The picture simply was enough to convey that the couple has been co-parenting the daughter well. According to the reports, it’s been stated that the duo still manages to meet with each other outside of their home. Since they have split their ways, it has been difficult for the young parents to be the complete parents of Khai. Yet, the couple is trying their best to keep the baby away from their personal issues.

Another source mentioned that the former One-Direction star prefers to spend time with the mother of his only child, away from their homeland, where there would be no chaos or unnecessary outbreaks. The famous lovers are still not spreading hatred against each other even after the breakup. They are continuing to follow a relationship purely based on love and care.

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The sources have also added that Hadid and Malik’s co-parenting method is quite satisfying for the growing Khai since she gets to spend quality time with both her parents. This way, Khai can be a major part of the singer’s life as well as Gigi’s.

The young parents are picky when it comes to their daughters. They have so far remained low-key to protect her privacy and only a few pictures have been shared so far by Gigi. The loving couple had to go through all this drama due to Gigi Hadid‘s mother, Yolanda Hadid, who has allegedly harassed the singer, as per the reports. Yolanda has also shared a picture of the infant without the consent of the baby’s parents which led to a heated argument between the mother and the daughter’s boyfriend.

The British singer has already mentioned this topic on his social media saying he had a disagreement with one of the family members of his beloved when the person visited the couple’s home when Gigi was away.

The Pillowtalk singer and lead are currently living under a mutual understanding with each other that doesn’t affect one another’s family in person. They are currently in contact solely for the purpose of co-parenting of which a glimpse was seen a day ago. 

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