How Josie Totah Became Her True Self The LGBTQ+ Icon

Josie Totah, formerly known as J. J. Totah finally reveals the struggles and the hard time she managed positively throughout her long journey to be in a state that wholly reflects her true identity. Her sharings were done with pride, and she adds that all these said to mean a lot to her.

Advice To Struggling Lgbtq+ Youth

Josie is so grateful to herself that she is now able to be in a state that people can definitely look up to. She now witnesses the efforts and risks she took finally turned into amazing success. It’s worth all the experiences she had in all these years. She highlights her fortune to make people feel less lonely by perfectly existing being herself. Josie is totally proud and glad of that.

Josie Totah Advice To Struggling Lgbtq+ Youth

Just by being in her 20s, Josie Totah had already reached much high. The beautiful actress started her carrier at the younger age of 11, and with no time, she got in as Jessie on Disney Channel. When she reached 17, she played a stream of roles on fruitful TV shows like Champions, Glee, 2 Broke Girls, iCarly, and many more.

It was difficult for Josie as being told to no go out with nail polish or any makeup. She needed to face this more frequently and was told to have all these unless she was fully ready to be out. Apart from all these, she longed to be just herself. She had to face many bad times with her family.

At the age of 12, she was strictly prohibited from doing the minor things she loved. Josie Totah still remembers that incredible feeling of the burden she holds in her heart that the world isn’t able to accept her as who she really is. She was not even allowed to leave the house and perform the activities she dreamed of. She felt trapped and traumatized by spending her teenage years within the four walls, making her life more difficult.

Though Totah admits the scary part she lived in, the strong star of ‘Saved By the Bell’ is extremely happy to be an ideal personality that people can indeed look at. Her colossal fan circle always reaches out at all times to support her no matter what.

Josie never forgets to picture her fan support, and she thinks it is the most incredible privilege in her life to favorably hear from such a vast crowd. During her evening walk or while attending any party, there will always be someone who surely comes up like they know everything about her; it makes the actress feel happier. Though most people don’t even experience such a great connection, She says that she is fortunate with what she has built with the community so far.  

Josie is thrilled to see her LGBTQ + heroes. Even her peers like Kim Petras and Hunter Schaefer, who never fail to stand in their power circle and be in their unapologetic selves, this is what she looks at and makes her invigorated.

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