Kim Kardashian Hitting The Fashion World With Her Future Alien Barbie Era

The latest style of Kardashian has taken fashion to the next level.

Following the divorce from her ex-husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was struggling with her style. Lately, Kardashian showed up at Conde Nast Headquarters wearing a white T-shirt paired with multi-colored stocking-styled leggings plus boots. Slaying in blonde hair, the model called her current style “Future Alien Barbie”. 

Kim Kardashian’s “Futuristic Alien Barbie” Era Is Beginning

The star recently bleached her hair from a dark brunette to platinum blonde making her followers fall for her blonde version again. 

Kim Kardashian's Futuristic Alien Barbie Era Is Beginning

Kim by birth has naturally black hair that anyone would go crazy for and it amazes the fans how she maintains them being sleek and perfect every time.

The influential businesswoman styles her look by pairing her clothing with Balenciaga Pantaboots.

The media personality is reported to be sporting a platinum-blonde lob and visited the headquarters on Tuesday, 22nd of May, for the purpose of carrying out promotional activities for her skincare line, SKKN by Kim.

The sensational designation for her current look was identified by the model in between her conversation with Jessica Cruel, the present Editor-in-chief at Allure.

On Tuesday, the mother of four also appeared in an interview, “Today”, where she mentioned that she is comparatively feeling confident and happy with her ongoing blonde appearance and now she can slay in casual looks as well.

An insider recently reported that the latest look of the Kardashian was derived from her years of experience in the fashion industry. She is quite a sensation and is building her own era by moving to neutral themes these days.

At previous times, when the model was with her ex Ye, he had a major role in her evolving style. After the divorce from the American rapper, she has been floundering much in styling herself.

Kardashian divulged in the show’s one of the first week’s episodes that she still feels kind of a panic attack when it comes to styling, which was easier with Ye, and also added that the entrepreneur used to give her advice on typically everything.

Kim also stated over the episodes about the incident which happened in November 2021, when she and Marge Simpson wore similar outfits to the Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards to which Ye reacted by saying that the career of Kim as a stylist would be over with this.

At the time being, Kim Kardashian is reportedly dating Set It Up actor Pete Davidson whom she met while hosting SNL. Though they remained friends for a long time, things turned to be flirty all of a sudden and Kimberly accepted to hang out with Pete very soon. 

The couple attended a birthday party dinner long ago when Pete commented on the former couple as the “cutest couple”.

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