After The Transition, Elliot Page Considers Himself To Be Drastically Improved

Elliot Page, the Canadian actor, unleashed himself as a transgender on December 1, 2020, through his social media.

The Flatliners actor has urged the public to be generous instead of being harsh on his transition. According to the young actor, people must take the happiness he is currently feeling into consideration before passing any hate comments. Judgemental

Elliot Page Reveals His Life Has ‘Improved Drastically’ 

Recently the show, Late Night With Seth Meyers, has brought the 35-year-old in which the actor shared about his mental transition that happened as a sequel to his physical. He has been a better person from different perspectives, be it in a relationship, be it as a friend, or whatsoever, he said.

After The Transition, Elliot Page Considers Himself To Be Drastically Improved

He also requested the general public to accept him as he is and to look for the positive impact he has brought on his overall life. Ultimately, the Oscar nominee wants to talk to the people who have an undivided issue with the star.

The overwhelming responses of the audience have made him weak, despite having a family to back him in any situation, which he also considers as a blessing.

Currently, the My Days of Mercy actor is only focusing on himself. He is only looking at the amount of joy and presence that he feels after having the gender change a year ago.

The youngster is appreciating the quality of life he is living today. According to him, he was not expecting such a drastic change in his mental condition any sooner. It is the transition that made the impossible possible.

The online judgemental comments are still overwhelming to the boy he is now, yet he is trying to cope with the drama and move ahead by embracing his true self.

He considers everybody to be similar, be it trans, be it cis, be it non-binary, or whatsoever. It’s not the gender that he looks at when he meets someone, it’s whether he can communicate with them or not that makes him concerned.

The Umbrella Academy star also pointed out the corporation provided by the team members after his transition. Since he played a meaningful role in the previous season, the team reaped the maximum out of him by transitioning his character on screen from Vanya Hargreeves to Viktor.

One of the sources stated that Page knew that a boy was hidden in himself and was actually a boy by heart during his childhood.

When he became a trans, one of the major crises would have been the movie screen presence, which the creator, Steve Blackman solved in an instant. He incorporated the youngster and made him fit in the film like before with the proper advice from Thomas Page McGee, a trans author, and journalist. 

The crew members and the star are enthusiastically waiting to deliver the final output before the audience.

Recently, one of the fans made an Instagram post adding two pictures of Page, before and after the transition, followed by a caption that said how intense and relieved Page looks now. The transition has clearly changed his life tremendously. 

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