Beyonce Returns, Khloe’s Dating Again & Drake Snaps Back

Lately, a whole bunch of news has been trending virally all over the internet. A whole lot of different collections of songs by various artists, dating, breakup, and much more are happening in Hollywood. 

Khloe’s Dating Again Drake Snaps Back

Earlier this month, Queen Bey has released her project’s lead single, “Break My Soul,” Khloe Kardashian after breaking up with her Ex, Tristan Thompson, is now quietly dating a private equity investor, and Drake after the release of his new song responds to “Honestly, Nevermind” haters.

Beyonce Returns, Khloe's Dating Again & Drake Snaps Back

Beyoncé known as Queen B has announced the release date of her seventh solo studio album ‘Renaissance’ which will be out on July 29. Four days after the declaration of her eagerly anticipated album, Beyoncé dropped her lead single “BREAK MY SOUL.” The song is a co-production between Beyoncé, Tricky Stewart, and The Dream. This song honors the heritage of liberatory queer anthems, like Diana Ross.   

After the two years of the pandemic and politically threatening affairs, many pop stars have dropped their summer dancefloor songs. “Break My Soul” is Queen B’s endeavor to quench her widespread depression and stress. The lyrics of the song are more like opening herself tenderly. She opens up, “I just fell in love and I just quit my job. I’m gonna find the new drive, damn they work me so damn hard.”   

With this song, Beyoncé wants you to just relax and release the stress and anxiety that follows a dead-end job or a relationship that’s not going anywhere. As mentioned above, the song is a dance melody in which she says to her fans, “Got motivation, I done found me a new foundation, and I’m takin’ my new salvation and I’ma build my foundation.” she even declares through the lines that “You won’t break my soul” in the chorus. These lines are for her listeners who can fill in whatever they need at the current moment.  

Other than Beyoncé, Canadian rapper and singer Drake has also released his seventh studio album ‘Honestly, Nevermind.’ The song was surprise-released on June 17th and has gone viral over the internet. The concept of the dance album is great but has received several criticisms. Lately, Drake has responded to the criticisms by the haters due to the unexpected in his usual style.

He reacted to the critics during an album release event. He was seen in a video talking to his critics while the track “Calling My Name” played in the background. “It’s all good if you don’t get it yet. It’s all good,” expressed Drake. “That’s what we do. We wait for you to catch up. We’re in here, though. We’re caught up already. On to the next. My goodness.”

Khloé Kardashian has lately been so depressed due to her break-up with her Ex and NBA player, Tristan Thompson. But as per the latest reports, it has been stated that Khloé is secretly dating some private equity investor. She has reportedly moved on from her ex after his multiple cheating scandals. Now, she is secretly dating a private equity investor, whom Kim Kardashian, her sister, introduced to her a few weeks ago at a dinner party. It has been said that their relationship is in the early stages but as of now, she is feeling really good with the new mystery man.  

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