Wavves Announce King Of The Beach Anniversary Tour, Find Out More

Wavves have recently announced a summer tour to celebrate a prestigious occasion recently. This prestigious occasion has been the 12th anniversary of their seminal album King of the beach.

The show was originally meant to be scheduled in 2020 on the occasion of a decade of release. However, the same was postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic. 

Wavves Announce Anniversary Tour Of King Of The Beach, See More

The tour is expected to commence in July. The expected dates are finalized around 21st  and 22nd July for the time being. It would begin in California and would extend across the major cities of the United States of America and Canada. 

Wavves Announce King of the Beach Anniversary Tour, Find Out More

What was the decided course of action?

The said celebration was expected to be held in 2020. After being postponed due to the pandemic, it was expected to be featured in 2021. But the cover stars of the album, which included Snacks and Bethany, died two months ago.

This was all responsible for once again getting the gates adjusted. Since the celebration of the most coveted album could not be scheduled in these years, Wavves released its new music album Hideaway last year. It was able to cross 5 million views on Youtube. 

Details of the programme:

The details concerning the entire programme were already released a short time ago. The intention is to provide a sufficient amount of clarity concerning the entire scheduling of the event. The entire plan is expected to kickstart in Ventura on the 21st of July.

 It would be extended to the locations like Santa Cruz, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Boie, Boulder, Denver, Imada, Minneapolis, and Madson.

The later part of the trip would be arranged in Chicago, Cleveland, Wakefield, Richmond, Atlanta, and Oxford. The venue and the concert halls for the events have already been booked. The same has been confirmed by the organizing committee many times.

Factors to be taken into accord:

There will be at least 30 concerts that will be extended over a duration from 21st July 2022 to 27th August 2022. The dates have been finalized, and the arrangements for accomodating a huge crowd have also been made. 

It is important to mention that all the people expected to deliver a power-packed performance have been invited to perform in these concerts. In addition to paying tribute to the departed souls of the cover album and celebrating the 12th anniversary, additional performers of the contemporary era have also been invited.

Procedural aspects:

The booking of the tickets for the same is expected to open somewhere around June. All the people interested in buying the tickets should pay the requisite money.

The organizing committee has been in the position of offering at least three different variants of tickets. The first one of them has been a general ticket of admission. It costs around 25 dollars.

 The second is a premium ticket with access to a premium seat and lounge. The cost of the same is 40 dollars. The last one is the golden ticket which allows a singer holder of the ticket to visit at least 5 concerts back to back. The price for the same is somewhere around 80 dollars.


This is expected that the said event would be a huge success in the first place. This would be able to create a separate fanbase.

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